Rescue Company responds to MVC with Entrapment in Rawlings
February 6, 2024

February 5, 2024

On Monday evening just after 9:30pm Allegany County 911 center dispatched the rescue box to the 19200 block of McMullen Hwy on box 4703 for a personal injury accident. First responding units from Station 47 (Rawlings) and Station 9 Fire & EMS (Cresaptown) were given updated information while enroute of numerous calls and an off duty Cumberland Fire Department member on scene now reporting a vehicle under a tractor trailer with entrapment. With this information additional Rescue companies from 2 (LaVale) & 39 (Fountain, Mineral Co, WV) were added to the call.

Rescue Engine 47 (Rawlings) arrived on scene and Chief 47 (Foor) established McMullen Hwy command. Upon completing a size up of the incident, command advised of a passenger vehicle under the trailer portion of a loaded tractor trailer with entrapment and prolonged extrication. Command then requested Rescue 3 (Bedford Road) to be added for their lifting struts. Rescue 3 responded with 5 personnel shortly after dispatch. During the response command requested MSPAC Trooper 5 (Cumberland Hanger) to be started as well as the GO Team from R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma in Baltimore.

Rescue 3 arrived and deployed their Paratech struts and Hydra Fusion lifting struts. In coordination with Rescue 39 who also deployed their Paratech & Hydra Fusion struts. The crews then accessed attachment points under the vehicle to use the winch off the front of Rescue 9 to winch the vehicle out from under the trailer.

Due to the severity of the patients injuries, and the unknown unseen injuries at the time, at the request of Allegany County EMS, Cresaptown Volunteer Paramedics and MSPAC Trooper 5 Paramedics it was decided to wait on the GO Team from Shock Trauma to better assess the patient and perform more serious medical field procedures if needed. During the wait, Allegany DES Paramedics and Paramedics from Trooper 5 continued critical life saving measures by administering medications, and whole blood to the patient. Trooper 1 (Baltimore Hanger) delivered the GO Team just after 11:30pm. After the Trauma Surgeon & Trauma Doctor performed their assessment, the trailer was then lifted off of the vehicle using Rescue 3 & 39s Hydra Fusion lifting struts. Once lifted, Rescue 9 winched the vehicle from under the trailer then Rescue Groups 1 & 2 that consisted of members from Rescues 2, 3, 39 & Rescue Engine 47 went to work to complete the extrication of the patient utilizing the Hurst Jaws of life Rescue tools.

The patient was successfully extricated just after midnight and was transported to the Landing zone by Cresaptown Ambulance where the patient was transferred to Trooper 5 for transport to Shock Trauma.

Truck 8 handled the Landing zone for Troopers 5 & 1.

The scene was lead by Chief 47 (Foor).

Units: RE47, R9, R2, R3, R39, TK8, M399, M352, LT51, SFTY48, CH51